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Wire Twisting Machine

Pioneer manufacture, supplier and exporter of Wire Twisting Machine. These machines are semi automatic and require only a single operator to handle as many as six of them at a time. These wire twisting machines are widely using world wide for wire twisting which are used in two-wheelers like scooters, motor bikes & Cycles. These machines are horizontal and vertical type in dimension. These machines are manufactured to provide quality and satisfaction & made more production easy. These machines are semi-automatic & atleast six machines can be operated by a single person at a time due to easy and smooth operation.

Key Features:
  • Designed for rigidity and long working life
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Efficient manufacture of twisted pairs
  • Easy to set
  • Durable design for longer working time
  • The entire structure of the machine is protected against corrosion.


Motor for 12 Bobeen Machines 0.5 H.P. (each)
Motor for 19 Bobeen Machines 1.0 H.P. (each)
Rotation per minute 520
Machine Size H-80"; L-40"; B34
Weight 250-300 Kg (approx.)
Dimensions Can be Changed Without any Prior Notice

Pressure Die Casting Machines of Zinc

Pressure Die Casting Machines of Zinc for casting all types of zinc parts from 180 to 200 gms/ shot like key rings, pen nossels, hooks, compasses and many more items. We feel great pleasure to introduce with our machines for zinc casting & its parts. which are manufacturing to provide quality and more products by which you can use the machine for casting all types of zinc parts appear up to 180 to 200 gms/shots like key rings, pen nossels, hooks, comp uses & many more items. It require single person to operate the machine. It starts with a compressor and furnace (LPG Cylinder). It is mainly used for hammer shaped parts in automobile wire.

Some of the Salient Characteristics:
  • Less force die closing for cast protection
  • Ejector throw extent can be regulated in the range
  • Cinching unit with unbending twofold flip system utilizing high output quality steel
  • Energy effective hydraulic circuit
  • Programmable rationale regulator
  • Unified grease system


Air Compressor 300 Pound
Electric motor for Air Compressor 2 H.P.
Furnace 2 Nos.
Die Box 1 No.
Max. Machine Size H-61"; L-40:' B-16
Weight 350-400 Kg (approx.)